Physical therapy solutions

Experience high-quality classic products and discover innovative therapeutic concepts. Our technical approaches are rapidly advancing rehabilitative medicine.

  • Deep oscillation in post-natal care

Unique, non-invasive and atraumatic therapy technique with strongly pain-reducing effect.


Pulsating electromagnetic fields for the relief of osteoarthritis pain and sensory neurotoxicities.

  • Working with vocaSTIM®

Innovative concept tested in studies for diagnosis, treatment, therapy course control and, if necessary, independent...

  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultrasound therapy

Stay flexible with several modalities and start the treatment quickly and easily.

  • Electrotherapy

Clean stimulation currents for efficient electrostimulation and diagnostics.

  • Vacuum application

Pulsating suction waves stimulate electrotherapy, or they are used in suction wave therapy.

  • Laser therapy

Optimal penetration depth, excellent bio-stimulating effect and easy handling.

  • Shockwave therapy

Pain therapy and trigger point treatment accelerate the body’s self-healing.

  • Shortwave therapy

Short waves generate warmth in the tissue through electrical and magnetic fields. 

  • Microwave therapy

With microwaves, tissue can be selectively heated. Their penetration depth is lower than that of short waves. 

  • Traction therapy

Extension treatment relieves the spine and can potentiate its effect in combination with high-frequency heat therapy.

  • Cryoterapy

Cold-air therapy is based on surface cooling and local reduction of the tissue temperature.

  • Magnetotherapy

The new benchmark in magnetotherapy in a contemporary design